Ulli Hantke

Entrepreneur, Square Dance Caller and Teacher

Welcome to my official web site! Here it's all about me, beeing a Square Dance Caller and Entrepreneur. For over 20 years now I've been calling on many smaller and bigger events all through europe. My current calling programs are Basic through A2.

In my professional life I am CEO of the advertising agencie B2B Design e.K. and mynewbrand. The centre of my life lays virtually in the centre of Germany in Würzburg.

Here you can meet me, calling Square Dance for you!

I want to thank all the clubs for their confidence and look forward to the upcoming events.

21.07.2024 Triple Clubabend in Nortorf
16.-18.08.2024 WAM Dance - Salzburg
09.11.2024 Dschungelparty Hamburg
01.12.2024 Plus Café Stuttgart
01.02.2025 3rd Big River Dance, Danmark

Ulli as entrepreneur

I am owner and CEO of the advertising agency B2B Design e.K. located in Würzburg and Hamburg.

Our services range from brand development, designing and building Web pages, Google optimization to social media support and classical advertisement.

Our designphilosophie is: clear structures, a neat design and "less is more". We don't stand out throught cluttered products, piercing colours and a wild hotchpotch. The designlanguage, we embody each and every day, is precise communication with quality down to the tiniest detail. Therefore our designlanguage is and remains unmistakable.

Would you like to know more about B2B Design visit our website -Link-


As caller you can book me for specials and workshops from Basic up to A2

Ulli Hantke
Pleicherkirchgasse 8
97070 Würzburg

+49(0)152 52023487

I look forward to hearing from you!

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